There once was this place where happiness and beauty dwelt. It was a time long ago, where myths are as real as your mom and dad. The place was called New Castle, because royalty was commonplace. The purpose of the Kings was to distribute the wealth among the people. All the people were happy and oh so beautiful. But that was long ago. Since then, darkness has fallen on this ancient place called New Castle. Now it is called Old Castle, some go so far to say Dark Castle.

A dragon came into the land and stripped the people of their royalty. He made them paupers and orphans. He hoarded all the treasure for himself. The dragon was not a King. He was selfish. He did not care about the people. Instead of happiness and beauty, he brought darkness, gloom, and ugliness.

One day, a little boy wanted to be a hero. His Father always told him, “You can be whatever you want to be.”

When this little boy heard the story of New Castle, now known as Old or Dark Castle, he thought of the people. He did not think about the wealth the dragon had. Nor did he care about fame or being remembered. He only cared about these Kings who had lost everything. And since he didn’t care about fame or being remembered, he was not afraid to die for what he believed. He believed that these people deserved to be free. To have happiness and beauty back in their lives.

He believed that he could be whatever he wanted to be, because of the words His Father always spoke to him.

So the little boy set off on the journey, remembering His Father’s words and holding the people in his heart. It took him a very long time to arrive on the shores of Old Castle. By the time he set foot on the beach, he was a grown man. Full of strength and wisdom.

Still remembering the times he talked with His Father. “I want to be a hero, Daddy.” The boy would say. “You can be whoever you want to be, My Son.” Remembering the confidence in His Father’s voice.

He also still remembered the story of Dark Castle and held the people close to his heart. He was still unafraid of death.

The moment he stepped into Dark Castle, his presence was felt by the dragon. The little boy, who had become a man, was full of light and love. Something that had not existed in Old Castle since the Ancient Days. So the Dragon rushed to the center of the castle. There he took his stand in the Stronghold of the Castle. The little boy, who knew he was a hero inside, walked right up to the dragon. The Dragon tried to scare the little boy. He told him that he was not a hero, that he was going to fail, and that he would die. These words were said with such an anger and wrath, that any other man would have believed the Dragon.

But this little boy, who had become a man, full of strength and wisdom, full of light and love, remembered the last conversation he had with His Father before setting out on this journey.

Looking back at his Father before getting on the boat, he said, “Dad, the people need me to be their hero. I know I may never see you again, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. I will miss you. I could not have had a better Father than you.”

“Son, I want you to know, You are a hero. I am proud of you. I will always be with you if you remember my words. You were born to be a hero. You will succeed and the people will love you for it.”

The boy, who had become a man, stood before the dragon and remembered the people, once Kings and now paupers. He did not care about his own life. So no fear was found in him. Only the truth of who he was and the love he had carried for many years, for the people, was inside him. With all that was within Him, he brought down the Dragon.

On that day the boy, who had become a man, was the Hero his Father told him he would be. On that day he was the Hero he wanted to be. The Hero, he was born to be. And the happiness, the beauty, the Kingship, the royalty, the light, and everything New Castle was once known for Returned. The people were free. And they loved the little boy who had become a man.

The End


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